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The Firm

Brinkmere Capital Partners, LLC is a Southeastern-based, private investment firm specializing in partnering with and further developing successful businesses responsibly over the long term.

Brinkmere Capital Partners was founded by Russell Beard, in partnership with the Baker family, based on a shared passion around investing in and building great companies. Prior to Brinkmere, Russell served as a senior investment professional at a Dallas-based institutional private equity firm and John Baker served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Florida Rock Industries, Inc., a 79-year-old business founded by his father.

The professionals at Brinkmere have extensive, combined experience in executive leadership, corporate finance and private investing. Brinkmere leverages this complementary experience to support management teams on multi-year strategic growth planning and resource allocation to improve sustainable, long-term competitive positioning.

Helping grow great companies over the long term.

Investment Approach

Holistic Perspective

Sustainably growing any business is hard work and requires preparation, collaboration, determination and leadership. We take a long-term approach to enterprise growth and maintain an open, constructive relationship with management.

Total Alignment

We seek alignment of interests with management through meaningful co-investment and incentive compensation tied to the sustainable expansion of equity value.

Collaborative Approach

We are active board members who support management leadership.

Investment Strategy

Allocate Resources Efficiently

Leverage our combined experience in leadership, finance and investing.

Plan Long-Term Growth

Collaborate with management on multi-year, strategic growth planning.

Manage Risk

Identify and diffuse concentrations of enterprise risk.

Maintain Flexible Investment Horizon

Continually evaluate path to optimum return for all stakeholders.

Passionate about collaborating with great families and founders to build best-in-class businesses.

Investment Criteria

  • Industrial technology
  • Niche manufacturing
  • Value-added distribution
  • Industrial services
  • Business services
Company Characteristics
  • EBITDA: $5 million to $25 million
  • Attainable EBITDA margins >10%
  • Defensible competitive position
  • Industry fragmentation
  • End market growth
Transaction Types
  • Family- or founder-owned
  • Management buyout
  • Structured minority
  • Recapitalization

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